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What My Clients' Say

  1. Gore Bolton, CEO and Founder at Piranha Tank
    Gore Bolton, CEO and Founder at Piranha Tank
    "Jerome is a great all around team member. He is very responsive and supportive of the overall business efforts. We love having him on our team."
  2. Andrew Carlson, Principal Founder at TransAuth
    Andrew Carlson, Principal Founder at TransAuth
    "Rudolf was very professional, attentive to details, engaged in our goals, and driven to add as much value as possible. He is a top-notch worker, and I can't think of a project that wouldn't benefit from his participation. We'll hire him again!"
  1. Kyle Rolek, President at Rolek Retirement Strategies
    Kyle Rolek, President at Rolek Retirement Strategies
    "Exceptional skill at understanding the purpose of the project and improving methods to accomplish goals. Not just someone who can follow instructions, but someone who can take instructions, improve upon them, and ensure top end execution."
  2. Max Makarov, CEO at Marina Makarova Music
    Max Makarov, CEO at Marina Makarova Music
    "Rudolf passionately took up the job and has achieved outstanding results in two months. He completely took over the communication with our customers and allowed me to enjoy my life!"

My Portfolio

  1. Piranha Branding LLC
    Piranha Branding LLC
  2. ONC Marketing
    ONC Marketing
  3. Special Learning, Inc.
    Special Learning, Inc.
  4. Diversified Advantage Group, Inc.
    Diversified Advantage Group, Inc.
  5. Host The Game
    Host The Game
  6. Best Tech Recruiters
    Best Tech Recruiters
  7. Transputec Ltd
    Transputec Ltd
  8. Internet Secrets Made Easy
    Internet Secrets Made Easy
  9. Crises Control
    Crises Control
  10. Optimize Web Studio
    Optimize Web Studio
  11. Synthium Health
    Synthium Health
  12. PPL Labs
    PPL Labs
  13. Boat Multi-Listing
    Boat Multi-Listing
  14. Gentrix
  15. Buy Art Paintings
    Buy Art Paintings
  16. Dr. Numb
    Dr. Numb
  17. Flosum
  18. iMyDigital
  19. Pixart-Expo
  20. Palladium Health
    Palladium Health
  21. Business World Magazine
    Business World Magazine
  22. Can Do
    Can Do
  23. Fonehouse
  24. ClickCease
More About Me
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A seasoned salesman, business developer and recruitment professional with more than 19 years experience in selling tangible and intangible products and services worldwide. Helped more than 100 startups with their sales, marketing, business development and recruitment. Jerome is an Agency Owner and Business Manager on Upwork Global, Inc., a USA-based freelancing marketplace, and worked more than 10,000 hours on 80 contracts and earned more than US$50,000. Started Great Service , an online staffing agency on Upwork Global, Inc. in 2012 and is now managing more than 200 freelancers worldwide, completed 5,000 agency work hours with more than 100 contracts from various clients.

Jerome was General Manager of Internet Secrets Made Easy Pty Ltd, an Australian digital marketing company for 2 years and significantly increased the number of clients while working hand-in-hand with the founder of the company. He is a Licensed Financial Advisor of one of the top life insurance and investment companies in the Philippines. He has been the Inside Sales Lead of Special Learning, Inc., a global online training company based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and helped in their B2B sales campaign with ABA Centers in the United States and behavior analysts' worldwide.

Jerome is the Casting Agent of Piranha Tank or Piranha Branding LLC, an investment live-show in the United States of America that features venture capitalists called Piranhas and Entrepreneurs who are looking for additional capital for their startup businesses. He's a Tech Recruiter for Best Tech Recruiters, a boutique recruitment company based in San Jose, California, USA. Jerome is the Digital Marketing Manager of ONC Marketing, a digital marketing company based in London, United Kingdom since June of 2016. He recently joined Dr. Numb, a Canadian anesthetic cream manufacturing company and is helping them with their B2B Asian and Europe sales campaign. Jerome is also an Independent Consultant and Client Relations Manager of Seahaven Business Solutions, a call center company based in California and in the Philippines. He works hard for his clients' success because he believes that going the extra mile for them in his work will mean success for himself. He is a determined fearless leader and an aggressive salesman ready to take on new business ventures.
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Sparks of Inspiration​​

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 "I find ways to improve the human aspect of the organization and its impact in the profitability of the business. I started Great Service, an online staffing agency aimed to help people get online jobs. My personal goal is to help people improve their way of life and have a healthy lifestyle working from their own homes and offices worldwide."  ~ Jerome Ragay
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Digital Marketing is a $100 Billion+ Industry that is growing every year. The jobs in this field aren't just for Marketing Majors or Coders. In fact these jobs are perfectly suited for tech savvy college graduates (and current students) with good analytical and writing skills, and creativity.
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